mattress recycling center

The Benefits of Our Mattress Recycling Center

Service First of Northern California now provides a Mattress Recycling Center serving the Stockton and the San Joaquin County area. Since 2016, the local landfills are no longer accepting mattresses for disposal and it is prohibited by law to dump your old mattresses and box springs by the roadside. Service First creates an easier, more environmental way to dispose of your mattresses and/or box springs. You can drop off your mattresses at our facility for free in which we will break them down into their component parts to be recycled. If you are unable to bring your mattress or box spring to our facility, we do offer pick up services.

Service First will come to your residence or business to relieve the burden of searching for a place to dispose of the old bedding products. Please give us a call to schedule for a pickup. We charge a small fee of $7 per piece (with the exception that if there is only 1 piece to be picked up you will be charged $14). Service First’s Recycling Program will even take your bed-bug infested mattress for $20 per piece (which also covers the extra handling and heat treatment. We do not accept any other type of furniture or bed hardware.

The Mattress Recycling Center is also a job training facility. Employees here have severe difficulties in finding gainful employment. Employees are trained on all the basics of maintaining a job once hired. They work a regular schedule and are paid regular wages.


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Mattress Recycling Center

1009 N Union St,
Stockton, CA 95205
Open weekdays from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM