Affordable Housing Unit Program

This affordable housing tax credit project, partnered with the State of California, the City of Stockton, and San Joaquin County Housing Authority, is a designated complex for disabled adults, living independently, with support services. As a project-based complex, those income-eligible tenants are assured of not spending more than one-third of their income on rent. Housing has been identified as a huge need on a countywide basis. For the disabled adult on a fixed income, the need is even greater. The properties under our the affordable housing unit program includes a full-time Coordinator of Services, in addition to the Resident Manager.

affordable housing

5926 Village Green Dr. Stockton, CA 95210
Office: (209) 478-7120
Fax: (209) 478-4277

For a disabled individual, the need for affordable housing is substantial. In October 2006, Service First of Northern California completed the development of a 40-unit apartment complex called the Winslow Village Apartments. This affordable housing tax credit project, partnered with the State of California, City of Stockton, and San Joaquin County Housing Authority, is a designated living complex for disabled adults whom are living independently with support services. Since this is a project-based complex, income-eligible tenants do not have to worry about spending more than one-third of their income on rent. The gated apartments have many amenities including energy efficient appliances, on-site laundry facility, recreation room and secure parking. The Winslow Village Apartments include a full-time Coordinator of Services in addition to the Resident Manager.


610 North San Joaquin St., Stockton, CA 95202
Office: (209) 851-3802
Fax: (209) 451-3136

Paulette’s Manor is, a 16-unit complex designed for low-income individuals and Veterans. This complex is equipped with 16 one-bedroom units in a gated two-story building. Paulette’s Manor incorporates many energy efficient features; including gold-star appliances, dual pane windows, and energy efficient cooling units. This property is located near the downtown area of Stockton and offers several amenities for its tenants. Some of these amenities include public transportation, restaurants and parks, City Hall, the Department of Motor Vehicles, the Stockton Ports’ Ball Club as well as the indoor arena, downtown movie theaters, and the Stockton Marina.


4825 Kentfield Rd., Stockton, CA 95207
Office: (209) 477-5786
Fax: (209) 477-5792

This community of 46 affordable housing family units is located in the heart of Stockton, where residents can enjoy the convenience of living within just a mile of shopping centers, schools, restaurants, and a movie theater. With easy access to two major highways, this complex links various employment centers in the area. The gated Coventry Apartments feature 16 one-bedroom units and 30 two-bedroom units equipped with 24 hour surveillance cameras ,air conditioning, swimming pool, laundry facilities, children’s playground area, and Wi-Fi connect-ability. Coventry Apartments are located near RTD bus stops for easy transport services throughout the city of Stockton.


1563 Rosemarie Lane, Stockton, CA 95207
Office: (209) 475-9936
Fax: (209) 475-9951

In 2017 Service First completed the design-build of Zettie Miller’s Haven apartments. The project is located on the campus of Unity Southern Baptist Church, Zettie Miller’s Haven is a tribute to the memory of Zettie Mae (Rivers) Miller, for her dedicated service to her church, family, and the community at large. Zettie Miller’s Haven is an 82-unit low-income housing development for seniors, veterans, the mentally ill and people with special needs. Service First kept their clients in mind when designing the eco-friendly apartment complex. Zettie Miller’s offers 1 and 2 bedroom apartments powered by solar energy with energy efficient appliances, laundry facility, on-site gym and a recreation room. The complex is gated, has 24 hour surveillance and secure parking.