Our Aquatic Therapy Program

Service First of Northern California Aquatic Therapy and Wellness offers programs with the goal of helping patients/ clients with disabilities, injuries and illnesses to decrease pain and increase the activities of daily life. Individuals with orthopedic, sports injuries and neurological disorders can also benefit from Aquatic Therapy services.

Our Skilled Aquatic Physical Therapy is administered by a Licensed Physical Therapist. Physical Therapy is by appointment only Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm (closed for lunch from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm). A prescription from your physician is required prior to beginning Skilled Aquatic Physical Therapy at our facility. While it is not a guarantee, Aquatic Therapy services are generally covered by most major medical insurance carriers such as Aetna, Ashlink, Cigna, Hill Physicians (prior authorization required), Medicare (no HMO/PPO), Medi-Medi, TriWest VA, Work Comp (no Medrisk) and Letters of Agreements (for rendered services from out of network insurances). For those without adequate coverage, discounted pricing is available.

Please call 209-644-6321 for pricing details.

Service First Aquatic Wellness Program

The Service First Aquatic Wellness Program is perfect for those whose insurance plans do not cover Skilled Aquatic Physical Therapy. In our Wellness Program you will meet with a Licensed Physical Therapist who will evaluate you and create an individualized exercise program to help you achieve your functional goals. While the Wellness Program is an independent program, since it takes place in a medically supervised warm water pool an annual prescription from your physician is required for participation. The initial fee will cover your evaluation with the Licensed Physical Therapist plus membership for the first month, afterwards there will be a monthly flat rate fee.

Please call 209-644-6321 for pricing details.

Business hours:
Monday and Friday 9:00am – 11:45am
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 8:00am – 11:45am
Please be out of the building by 11:45am
Closed for lunch from 12:00pm – 1:00pm
Open after lunch from 1:00pm – 4:45pm
Please be out of the building by 4:45pm

The Facility

In order for the water to be considered therapeutic and utilized for therapy services, it must be kept at a minimum of 89.6°F. Our warm water pool is maintained at a constant 90°-92°F year-round. It measures 20 feet by 40 feet and ranges from 3 feet to 5 feet in depth making it ideal for both shallow and deep- water activities. The pool is equipped with stairs, a ramp, and a chair lift allowing easily accessibility to most individuals regardless of their physical challenges and limitations. There are also separate restrooms, showers, lockers and changing areas for men and women. Locks and shower supplies are not provided, you must bring your own for each visit.

Swim Lessons

Service First Aquatics also offers year-round swim lessons! For those with the desire to learn to swim, Service First has skilled Aquatic Specialists to assist you. All of our Swim Lesson instructors are CPR/First Aid and water safety certified, basic water rescue trained and have passed a background check prior to employment.

Everyone should know how to swim, especially since we live in a community with so many waterways around us. Too often, we hear tragic news of someone drowning because proper swimming techniques were not learned. This can be prevented in most cases if both children and adults know how to swim.
Our swim blocks are 2x a week for 3 weeks totaling 6 lessons per swim block. Participants of our Swim Program are able to benefit from a one-on-one swim lesson for a duration of 30 minutes. Service First instructors also have the pleasure of teaching VMRC consumers and have experience in working with children and adults with disabilities. If a make-up swim lesson is required, it must be made up in the same swim block.

Swim lessons are available to children accompanied by an adult as young as 6 months old, however, the ideal age to teach a child to swim is 4 years old. Level placement is based on skill level, not age. The levels of swim lessons are as follows:

Level 1: Starfish

Enter/Exit pool safely
Blow bubbles above/under water
Bobbing in water
Bob, grab toys from stairs
Wall kicks
Noodle/board kicks
Starfish float forward [Introduction]
Starfish float backward [Introduction]

Level 2: Sea Turtle

Collect the treasure
Hold breathe for 10 seconds under water
Big airplanes [Assisted]
10 consecutive bobs [Even air exchange]
Bob, grab toys from bottom of pool
Flutter kicks [Introduction]
Front/back kicks for 20 feet with noodle/boogie board
Freestyle arms [Introduction]
Streamline arms [Introduction]
Starfish float forward 10 seconds [Assisted]
Starfish float backward 10 seconds {Assisted]

Level 3: Jellyfish

Big airplanes [Unassisted]
Starfish float forward [Unassisted]
Starfish float backward [Unassisted]
Flutter kicks with a back float [Assisted]
Fin arms with back float [Assisted]
Streamline arms with kicks/face in water [Assisted]
Lateral breathing [Introduction]
Beginner stroke [Introduction]
Flutter kicks with a back float [Unassisted]
Freestyle arms [Assisted w/ noodle]
Freestyle arms with lateral breathing [Assisted w/noodle]

Level 4: Sea Horse

Beginner’s stroke 10 feet [Unassisted]
Freestyle arms [Unassisted]
Treading water [Introduction]
Seated dives [Introduction, if instructor is comfortable]
Streamline arms [Unassisted]
Turn overs [Assisted, back-to-front, then front-to-back]
Turn overs [Unassisted, back-to-front, then front-to-back]
Tread water for 10 seconds [Unassisted]
Backstroke [Introduction]
Jump in, float, return to wall [If instructor is comfortable]
4ft toy dive [Unassisted]

Level 5: Clownfish

Backstroke [Assisted]
Breaststroke [Introduction]
Forward streamline [Unassisted]
Backward streamline [Introduction]
Backward streamline [Assisted]
Freestyle arms for 25 feet
Deep end jump in’s with noodle
Deep end jump in’s [Unassisted]
Deep end toy dive grabbing more than 1 toy
Dolphin kicks [Introduction]

Level 6: Great White Shark

Freestyle arms with side breathing for 25 feet
Backstroke for 25 feet
Backward streamline [Unassisted]
Seated dives into deep end [If instructor is comfortable]
Breaststroke [Unassisted]
Dolphin kicks [Assisted]
Dolphin kicks [Unassisted]
Dolphin kicks with beginner’s stroke
Butterfly stroke [Assisted]
Butterfly stroke [Unassisted]
Jump in, float, and back to wall [Deep end]
Pencil dive in deep end

Certification of Swim Lesson Completion is given after all of our swim lesson levels have been met and special Shark Bite Awards are given at the discretion of the swim instructor for milestone accomplishments.

If you are interested in enrolling in our Swim Block, please call 209-644-6321 for pricing details.

Swim Lessons Application

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