Paid Internship Program (PIP) & Competitive Integrated Employment Program (CIE)

If this is your first time working or possibly worked before but only for a short time, then you may be interested in enrolling in the Paid Internship Program (PIP).

  • The PIP is an opportunity for Employers to provide vocational training and experience to an individual at no cost. Each position is matched with the individual based on their strength, interest, and goals.
  • Internship (full or part time) should result in the intern getting hired or developing skills that will lead to future employment.
  • Earning must be at minimum wage, be what others earns doing the same job, and have the same opportunities for advancement as others.

The purpose of the PIP is to increase the vocational skills and abilities of consumers who chose to participate in an internship and then encourage to them further pursue their career through Competitive Integrated Employment.

If you have worked throughout high school with the purpose of obtaining the required job experience for employment after high school, then the Competitive Integrated Employment (CIE) may be the program for you.

  • The CIE program is full or part-time employment in which a consumer is paid minimum wage or a matching wage to someone in a similar position. Individuals with development disabilities will be working alongside other people who have no developmental disabilities.
  • To be considered eligible, you must be 18-64 years of age, meet the screening requirements of the employer, and be willing to work an assigned schedule required by the employer.


These two employment services will only be used by the consumers of Valley Mountain Regional Center (VMRC). If you are interested or need information on one or both programs please fill out all the information in the form below, and choose which program best suits you. We will contact you by email to confirm the information was received, after which you will receive a call from an Employment Specialist within 5 to 10 business days to schedule an appointment for program registration at an office near you.

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