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What is Independent Living

Independent Living for a Happier and Productive Lifestyle

To advocates and supporters, independent living is both a philosophy and a movement. It is a mindset with regard to perceiving society and disability. As a campaign, it is a fight for equal opportunities, self-determination, and self-respect.

As a concept, it yielded practical measures to live up to the fight. One of these is the foundation of independent living centers for the disabled and the elderly.  These services are ideal for individuals to live autonomously with minimal assistance. For seniors, this set-up offers flexible options to maximize their retirement years. Meanwhile, this may be a great option for individuals with developmental disabilities who need minimal care in the comfort of their own homes. Most centers offer a variety of services that range from housekeeping to financial management, with every program specifically tailored for the individual’s particular need.

In addition, it may be beneficial for those that primarily require minor assistance. These programs are crafted and accomplished with the philosophy’s main objective in mind. As such, services are provided without compromising an individual’s initiative and desire to take control over their lives. This leads to a healthy disposition, a happier outlook, and a productive lifestyle.

A kind of independent living arrangement is “supportive living.” It is an alternative service scheme to nursing home care. It takes into consideration an individual’s income by being one of the most affordable living set-ups, utilizing Medicaid to finance labor and amenities. It usually combines apartment-style housing with minimal personal care and various other services. In this living arrangement, individuals are not mandated to avail all the services and medication. Each service is adjustable and customized depending on the client’s current requirements and liking.

With supportive living, seniors and individuals with disabilities can perform decision-making, as well as enjoy the liberties of personal choice, dignity, privacy, and individuality. A significant increase on the quality of life can be observed.

Service First of Northern California offers supportive living services. These services comprise of: financial management and budgeting, medication monitoring, assisting with self-care needs, meal preparation, daily household chores and maintenance, parenting skills development, as well as social and community integration. Our supportive living services also include transportation to and from doctor’s appointments and other appointments. Assistance with regard to grocery and personal shopping may also be included if required. As mentioned, each service can be designed specifically in consideration to the individual’s needs and preferences. Each service follows the philosophy of independent living to ensure maximum benefits.

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