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Veteran Services And Programs

Well-Deserved Veteran Services For Our Heroes

With Veterans Day just around the corner, it is important for everyone to acknowledge the commitment men and women serving our country have made to ensure that Americans’ have our freedom and safety in our homeland. To give back to these incredible men and women, veteran services are offered through Service First. From Representative Payee Services to Aquatic Therapy and Wellness Program or Ticket to Work, Veterans can be assisted in many aspects of their life.

Veteran services are offered to increase the quality of life for those who have served. For veterans who are elderly, disabled, or those dealing with arthritis, chronic pain, or rehabbing an increase in physical activity in their daily lives is crucial. The Aquatic Therapy and Wellness Programs by Service First gives individuals a way to increase movement without detrimental impact on their bodies. With a doctor’s referral, patient’s can have an aquatic therapy appointment with a licensed Physical Therapist. Service First is devoted to their clients and offers a wellness program with an Aquatic Specialist for those whose insurance can’t cover this type of physical therapy, but is prescribed by a doctor. The wellness program’s cost is meant to be affordable and the monthly fees are based on a sliding scale of income, meaning it’s based on the patient’s ability to pay.

The Ticket to Work program is one of the most helpful services, allowing individuals who are Social Security beneficiaries to find work and secure their benefits. Whether it is job development or job placement, the relationship Service First has with employers has allowed the company to become one of the leaders in the nation in job placement. As a veteran, Ticket to Work may open doors to opportunities much quicker than without the help of the program.

Once Service’s First has found individuals employment, they also provide Representative Payee Services. The Representative Payee Services offer clients who are Social Security beneficiaries’ assistance with their finances. The focus is aimed at making sure each client has a home, food, healthcare, and safety. The program ensures that clients are stable in their current lives, along with keeping future needs in mind. After the main priorities are taken care of, clients receive help budgeting by receiving funds weekly for any other personal expenses.

Service First also provides stable and Affordable Housing for our Veterans. The housing is designed for income-eligible tenants to not be spending more than 1/3 of their income on rent. There are 5 complexes throughout Stockton, CA that have been updated to best fit the needs of their residences The properties includes a full-time Coordinator of Services, in addition to the Resident Manager.

With such a wide range of services offered by Service First, veterans can find the assistance they need in multiple aspects of their life. Call today for more information on how we can help you or the veteran in your life.


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