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Benefits Of Women’s Group Sessions

Empowerment through Women’s Group Sessions

During recovery, a female’s physiology, mental health, hormonal differences, spiritual concerns, as well as background and life circumstances should be taken into consideration. The success and effectiveness of treatments are heightened if the individual’s needs are being met. As such, studies have manifested that joining and staying in a women’s group and other single-gender programs have proven itself as the treatment of choice for women.

Gender identity can serve as a validation for most women. By signing up and maintaining attendance in single-gender programs, women can help and provide mutual support for each other. With this, women can restore their self-esteem, as well as learn to value themselves. Because they understand each other’s struggles and perspectives; members and leaders could concentrate on treatment in respect to concerns that are primarily women’s.

A women’s group provides a safe space for women to open up about sensitive and personal issues. A custom understanding of experiences that typically impact women, such as self-esteem, body image, parenting trauma, and physical/sexual abuse, creates significant impact with the speed and efficiency of the therapy. By subscribing to a same-gender therapy group, commonalities and similar experiences lead to approval, acceptance, respect, and empowerment.

In same-gender group counseling, empowerment is achieved through mutually empathic and empowering relationships. There are no competitions, as every participant motivates, frees, and mobilizes each other. These relationships lead to increased self-worth and the desire for deeper connections.

Needless to say, leaders or counselors play a huge part in the effectiveness of a therapy group. As strong female role models for these women, counselors and staff should serve as the primary source of empowerment and motivation. By instilling awareness, along with expression of feelings, reactions, and needs, leaders can inculcate direct and healthy ways to be powerful. They promote interaction that fosters connection, which leads to empowerment. They promote self-nurturance and care for peers by encouraging the positive effects of the therapy. In addition, they facilitate mutual respect and understanding within the group by working through conflicts. As models, they embody appropriate conflict-resolution behaviors and respect for boundaries.

Service First of Northern California provides Women’s Group Sessions dedicated for helping those women who seek to recover from alcohol and drug dependence. These sessions provide a safe space for women to talk about sensitive experiences and with a strong network of women who share similar struggles. Topics include, but are not limited to, women’s health issues, assault, human trafficking, anger management, life skills, and abuse, among others. Please contact Service First today for more information.

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